The problem with the infiltration of drugs into the youth is that we will see a time when the generation who are leading the world will be damaged from a time when drugs were their top priority. Drugs have terrible negative effects on the future of the user, in the present it’s all just fun and games, however, the long-term effects cause the user to be slower and more negligent.

Drugs are any solid, liquid or gas that is taken into the body causing a physical or psychological change, except, of course, food, water and oxygen. These drugs can be made from plants, or they can be synthetic or semi-synthetic. They affect the central nervous system, mental activity and behaviour and can lead to dependence. Narcotic drugs affect mood and behaviour, while psychotropic drugs affect mental states, and other substances still cause dependence such as cigarettes and caffeine. If the user becomes dependant, it is often necessary to enter into a drug rehab treatment centre.

The scary thing is that the youth who are targeted by drug sellers are between the ages of 11 and 24. That’s the age that mental development takes place, values are formed, and at around the age of 24, people start to have children. Drugs cause nerve destruction and can cause inconsistent, chaotic thinking, not to mention addiction. Addiction is defined by repetitive or continuous use of a substance. Youth begin with one substance such as cigarettes or marijuana an the move on to stronger and more dangerous drugs. The reason drugs are so prevalent in the youth these days, is not only because they are targeted, but also because they are surrounded by drug use –at parties and festivals- and due to the fact that drugs are becoming more and more socially acceptable.

In order to prevent this from happening, we as a society, need to work together. If we educate the youth through counselling and educational talks, there is hope for possible prevention. Also, organisations such as the family unit, schools and religious organisations need to work together to provide affection, education and instil morals into the youth under threat. We need to keep the youth out of a rehabilitation centre, and into a healthy and functioning society.