Drugs have devastating effects on the physical and emotional lives of their abusers.

This is the reality and there is no escaping or denying it. Different types of drugs have different effects on people, but they are all damaging. Because of the addictive quality of drugs, they often seem to enhance emotions and physical feelings, causing the user to want to use them more and more.

After a period of time drug abusers feel the damage to their mental and physical health. Drugs can cause all sorts of serious problems such as liver damage, intestinal damage and a wide range of mental health issues. Drug abuse also affects the central nervous system and many of the core systems we need to maintain a stable lifestyle.

It is true that the worst effect of drug abuse is the fact that the substance use disorder can become a life-long burden if left untreated with sufferers eventually succumbing to either a fatal accident or shutdown an failure of bodily functions. Many people suffering with addiction issues may never even go to substance disorder rehabilitation centre. Substance abusers very often become violent when they run out of supplies and they are unable to obtain more for a period of time. This makes life very dangerous for their families and friends of these individuals.

Drug rehabilitation centres are that you are there under supervision for as long as you are in the Programme and this means that the chance of a relapse is minimal. Although you may experience withdrawal symptoms at a proper rehab centre, the doctors and staff will give you medication to combat any pain or discomfort that you may be feeling in the initial detox process then spend the rest of the time dealing with trauma recovery tools needed to survive life outside of the rehab centre.