We provide a holistic restorative approach which aims to motivate guests who have finished a detox stage of rehab alternatively that have actually been totally free from their addiction disorder for twenty five days.

Sober Living Home in Fichardt Park

Why not give yourself the best opportunity to reboot your life?

Discover new freedom from addiction in South Africa’s best sober homes and recovery centres. Live your life again on your terms but now with support that our teams provide each step of the way.

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Fichardt Park Sober Living Home
Sober living home in Fichardt Park coming soon please register to add your sober living home here.
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Long-term recovery is ultimately up to the person themselves. Sober living houses simply accommodates people who want to embrace and exercise a brand-new more constructive way of life.
Our recommend healing sobriety residences guests use a secure and risk-free environment for their clients ultimate recovery.
For most sober properties there is a minimal stay of 90 days but lots of people stay between three and nine months, sometimes longer.

Seeking sober home admittance is a significant advance to a more vibrant, balanced and more constructive future.

Sober Home Admissions in Fichardt Park
Our recovery advisors will respond to all your concerns pertaining to the admissions procedure and help you identify which mental health &/or substance abuse program is ideal for you. Our sober homes in Fichardt Park are meticulously checked and have demonstrated to be satisfactorily supervised operations with respect to the extended rehabilitation of patrons within their care.
Fichardt Park House Rules
Occupants of a sober living house are requested to respect and adhere to all of the house guidelines, which are in place to preserve all individuals and friends and families. Every single home is separately owned & the guidelines differ from house to house. Ensure to inquire about the rules and obligations of the home before enlisting in any sober living home. A checklist of rules is offered upon admission into the home, and residents are obligated to sign a agreement declaring that they will abide by all the house policies. Please see overview list of house rules here.

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