Being an alcoholic is not just about the way an individual feels about themselves. It is also about the way in which they connect to others and are able to live as a part of society. This is why when it comes to beating the disease, group therapy and treatment are so important. They provide not just a setting in which alcoholics can learn to interact with others, but a support system for those who need the help of others, and alcoholics really do.

Though going through the initial detox process is a journey you will have to take alone, even while under the care of medical professionals, therapy and the change in mindsets and behaviour does not have to be an individual journey. Many people fail to understand the benefit of group therapy and how by getting support from a number of individuals who are experiencing the same thing you are, your healing could be accelerated.

This type of group therapy should not only occur during the process of being in rehab. It must also continue past the stage at which the initial addiction has been dealt with. For an alcoholic, this means going to regular AA meetings or group therapy to try and deal with their problems and cravings, and become reintegrated into society as a whole.

For someone dealing with addiction to alcohol, going through rehab can seem like a very lonely journey. While some will claim that no one could possibly understand what they are going through, many start to understand that though their experience is unique, others go through similar struggles and may be able to empathise. By simply sharing their experience, they are going a long way towards healing and feeling better about themselves.

This is part of the reason that rehab centres recommend finding a sponsor. This is a person you will be able to call if a craving strikes and who has gone through a similar experience and acts as a type of mentor. They have the experience to help you get past the same kinds of problems and fears they had to get past, and can be relied upon to help.