Addiction, in all its various forms has been a part of our collective society for more than a century. There are many forms of addiction and they are all equally destructive to the individuals who suffer from these addictions as well as their family members and friends.

Fortunately for sufferers of addiction there are a number of avenues and options that are worth exploring, there is always help for treating addiction.

Most people are generally familiar with one or another form of addiction such as alcohol and drug addiction. However, there are many other forms of addiction which are just as deadly and devastating. Addictions are on the increase and can and do include such addictions as gambling, which has been known to be responsible for the wholesale destruction of entire family units and has even been linked as a contributing cause to the terrible phenomenon of family murder suicides.

There are many addictions on many levels; it is a common misperception that the majority of addicts are teenagers addicted to one or more forms of illegal chemical substances such as heroine or cocaine or so called designer drugs such as ecstasy and so on. The true fact of the matter is that more and more occurrences are being discovered of legal, over the counter drug abuse which is often associated with the abuse of pain killers and antidepressants.

Getting Help For Addiction:

Because drug abuse and drug related crime is so prevalent within many areas of modern day society, there has been a steady increase of the establishment of institutions and facilities in South Africa dedicated to the rehabilitation of addicts. Many of these institutions have been in existence for many years, some even decades and many of these are indeed household names in today’s society.

The most commonly known programs for assisting sufferers who wish to break the cycle of addiction are so called twelve step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous or a Drug Rehabilitation Centre. There are however many other institutions who do amazing work in many fields of addiction from life threatening severe drug addiction to lesser known and more condoned addictions such as prescription medication addictions.

Addiction Help By Province of South Africa