The classification for alcohol addiction is that it is recognized as a disorder and, as such, can be treated with a number of different alcohol rehabilitation programs and addiction rehabilitation therapies. Alcohol abuse and addiction is viewed in an extremely serious light because alcohol abuse and addiction is responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths each and every year. While many of the deaths due to long term alcohol addiction relate to the internal damage that the individual has sustained over many years, there are an alarmingly high amount of violent deaths directly attributed to alcohol abuse and addiction, these can include high speed motor vehicle accidents and other violent incidences related to alcohol abuse.

Alcohol is an extremely powerful drug that has been known to have devastating effects on the human brain by impairing normal brain function, destroying vitally important brain cells resulting in loss of cognitive function, memory loss, impaired judgment and producing a total physical and psychological dependency on alcohol. The physical dependency aspect of alcohol addiction is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects to overcome physically, this is because as soon as the alcohol addict is deprived of alcohol for a prolonged period of time, in some cases just a few hours, their bodies will go into a withdrawal state which can be extremely uncomfortable and in some cases even painful or life threatening.

It is for these reasons that it is not recommended that the alcoholic or alcohol addict attempts to quite on their own, in many cases it can be far too dangerous. It is recommended that the person seeks medical advice and preferably expert counseling form a well-established and certified alcohol rehab Centre. A certified rehab treatment centre can offer a number of different therapies and programs including alcohol detox programs. Patients who seek professional help often find that they are a great deal more comfortable during the process; patients also enjoy reduced medical risks typically associated with alcohol withdrawal and detoxification.

The alcohol detox process is essentially the process that removes the harmful toxins that are a by-product of alcohol and alcohol abuse. The rehabilitation element that makes up a holistic alcohol treatment Programme typically deals with the actual nature of the disease of alcohol addiction and how it can be managed successfully. Other important factors include programs that help recovering alcohol addicts learn how to identify and cope with stressful situations that may have caused them to turn to alcohol abuse in the first place.