Overcoming the debilitating effects of years of drug addiction is an extremely difficult process. While many drug addicts mistakenly think that they can cure themselves, this is unfortunately not true. While there may be a few drug addicts that have been capable of self-cure the vast majority who have tried to cure themselves have more often than not found they slipping back into their old drug habits. The decision then to seek out the help of professionals in the form of a drug rehab facility is the more sensible and more effective of the two.

Ultimately drug addiction is a progressive disease, this means that the more the user takes drugs the worse their addiction will become, eventually leading to permanent physical and mental damage or death through overdose or organ failure. Most drug addicts will eventually decide to get help before it is too late or have been persuaded by their loved ones or employers to seek out professional help, in some cases it is a legal requirement that is part of a sentence.

There are a number of different steps that are involved in the process of drug recovery or alcohol recovery programs with the initial assessment of the drug addict by the rehab treatment center. The reason for the assessment, which is usually carried out by an experienced member of staff is so that the best possible course of action towards treating that particular patient can be determined. There are a number of different questions that need to be answered including the patients drug abuse history, the types of drugs taken as well as the amounts of drugs taken. Other issues that are addressed include possible mental disorders as well as emotional disorders.

The next major step in the process involves the very important drug detox or alcohol detox if that is what the drug of choice was. In either case the person will require a detox Programme that is monitored medically so that the patient is safe at all times throughout the weaning off process. If a complete detox is not a prerequisite in the rehabilitation process then the patient may even be able to complete a drug rehab Programme as an outpatient, this will of course depend on the level and intensity of the drug addiction question. Inpatient treatment, also known as resident treatment is required when the person is a long term drug user with a possible history of relapses.

The Drug Rehab Centre Process

Seeking help for a drug addiction is the first positive step towards recovery and the chance to resume a healthy and productive lifestyle. Often it is the drug addict themselves who has decided that it is time to seek out professional help in order to regain control of their lives and kick their drug habit for good, other times it is through the intervention of a close friend or family member or the persons work has given them an ultimatum, regardless of the method, it is always seen as a welcome and positive sign when a person decides to approach a professional rehab treatment centre.

The very first part of the drug rehab process is a full assessment by a qualified and experienced staff member who will examine every aspect of the patients addiction including the patients particular drug history, drugs that have been taken in the past, drugs that have recently been taken as well as the amounts of drugs consumed on average. Other aspects of this rigorous assessment will also include any co – occurring disorders, mental or emotional which contribute to the patients current drug or substance abuse patterns. All of this is so that the rehabilitation centre can make an accurate diagnosis of the patient and the subsequent and unique treatment Programme that is designed to help that individual overcome their addiction in the best way possible.

Another aspect of this all important assessment is to see just how motivated the potential drug rehab patient is in making the necessary changes to their lifestyle including current stress factors that will have a negative impact on their drug recovery. Medical requirements are also assessed and prescribed so that at the end of the assessment, a proper and comprehensive plan can be created to determine the exact level of care that the drug rehab centre needs to implement for successful results.

Lastly, an important aspect that needs to be considered before any treatment can commence is the question of drug detox, or in the case of alcohol abuse, alcohol detox. This is a very important question because in very serious cases a medically monitored detox process needs to take place in order to safely begin to wean the person off of the substance in question. This process will also include certain pain medications as well as medical heroin and tranquilizers in order to make the process as safe and comfortable as possible.