Sober homes in Ifafi offer a welcomed retreat for individuals who wish to reside in a safe, comfortable, recuperating, supporting and mindful atmosphere. Sober living settings were primarily introduced as a safe and supportive place for recovering people to live during their first months sobriety.

Sober Living Home in Ifafi

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Ifafi Sober Living Home
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Sober homes extend residential recovery care for patients still needing the support after primary care treatment while still maintaining the security of community living and assistance or coaching where essential.
We have sober homes in Ifafi that offers visitors a restful ambience for self exploration along with the self development of connections that develop healing.
For a large number of sober living houses there is a minimum stay of 90 days but many people stay between 3 & 9 months, sometimes longer.

Our sober homes in Ifafi aid individuals that struggle with alcohol and drug abuse and eating disorders to trauma, depression, anxiety and mental illness, we have a solution that can help.

Sober Home Admissions in Ifafi
We recognize that reaching out for advice can feel complex. It shouldn’t have to be. Our sober living homes in Ifafi are very carefully checked and have shown as being satisfactorily managed operations with respect to the extended rehabilitation of patrons inside their service.
Ifafi House Rules
Tenants of a sober living house are obligated to honour and follow every one of the home rules, which remain in place to maintain all inhabitants and visitors. Each home is separately owned & the rules differ from house to house. Don’t forget to inquire about the rules and responsibilities of the home before enrolling in any halfway house. A checklist of regulations is offered upon admission into the residence, and residents are required to sign a contract declaring that they will adhere to all of the house rules. See core listing of house rules here.

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