Sex goes virtual and to monitor anyone who is addicted to anything is not an easy thing. It’s a fact that teens today have so many virtual mediums to access pictures, videos and materials that are provocative, untasteful and explicit. Through cell phones, laptops and ipads they have 24 hour access to these things.

It is important to know that cyber sex addiction like an alcohol addiction or shopping addiction is a disorder and one that needs to be treated in a medical way as opposed to looking at it as an isolated thing that can be saved by surveillance or gps tracking your cyber sex addicted teen.

As a parent there is only so much you can do to protect your kids from the world of computers and the internet. There internet can be a monster and teenagers find themselves bombarded with chat sites and online dating sites as well as looking at on-line porn. It is scary and overwhelming as well as embarrassing to talk about so many parents shy away from it and want to deal with it in isolation. Alone this, cannot be combated, as the parent, you will need the aid of parental intervention with other devices.

Along with professional help you can install a cell phone tracker on your teen’s phone or get SMS spy to monitor any texts that may have been deleted by your teen. This is because addicts feel the need to hide their activities; there is a shame that is attached to their addiction so therefore they always feel the need to protect their ‘dirty, little secret’.

What is important is to be the parent and friend, reserve all judgements and anger towards your teen and get the advice of support groups, some may enlist in on-line support groups. With a psychiatrist, psychologist or a counsellor you and your cyber sex addicted teen will conquer the addiction. Although even after that, it is important to keep on monitoring your teen for any relapses. So now you have it, start your cybersex addict intervention.