When I was addicted to meth all I could think about was the next hit, the next time I could escape to my alternate reality. How I got there and how I managed to stay alive I have no idea but what I do know is that my drug rehab saved my life.

I woke up one day to my parents screaming and shouting and searching my room. It was a raid. They had found my stash of meth and decided that this was enough. I was scared to death. My parents had had enough; I was no longer the son they raised. They told me that they had found a place away from home where they needed me to go to, to be healed. I refused and said it was my own life. They mentioned that I South Africa I could go to a reasonably priced rehab and get the best treatment that I could get.

When I arrived I felt relaxed. A wave of comfort came over me, not only did Relapse Prevention appear so peaceful and loving but it looked exactly like my ideal home. The home I always wanted. It was a place for me to overcome what I had been fighting for years. It took me only a few hours to fall in love with the place. They cared for me like no other institution in the UK ever could. After my recovery period I didn’t want to leave, when I did though, I got a job and started rebuilding my life with a heightened sense of self-worth. I’ve been clean for three years now I will never look back.