There are a number of myths and lies concerning alcohol abuse that most of us have either heard before or actually subscribe to. Many of these myths are actually old traditions or old wives tails and while some of them do indeed have a ring of truth to them, most of them are actually completely untrue. Here are a few of the best or most common lies and myths regarding alcohol and alcohol abuse.

One of the most common of all modern day myths or lies about alcohol abuse has to do with energy drinks. The way the myth goes is that if you mix your drink, say vodka shots with a well-known popular energy drink you will either get drunk faster, or you will in fact become more drunk than with just the shot alone. This myth is popular with those drinkers who are intent on getting as drunk as possible or as drunk as fast as possible.

The true fact of the matter in either case is that it is totally untrue. The fact of the matter is that energy drinks consist mainly of caffeine which actually masks the relaxing effects of alcohol. Consuming energy drinks creates a false sense of increased energy which generally encourages the drinker to drink more than they normally would which may ultimately result in alcohol poisoning or other negative side effects.

Another really old and popular myth has to do with the order in which you drink, in other words drinking beer before hard liquor to avoid getting sick. The idea behind this myth is that if you drink your hard liquors like whiskey, vodka and tequila before and then drink your beer after you will avoid getting sick that is, throwing up. The fact of the matter is that drinking a great deal of alcohol has less to do with the order in which you consume that alcohol and a lot more to do with how much alcohol you actually consume, it does not matter if it is beer, wine or hard liquor. If you drink too much you will inevitably get sick.

Ultimately drinking too much can lead to alcohol abuse and that in turn can become a alcoholic condition that can only be realistically and effectively treated through alcohol rehab available at an alcohol treatment or recovery centre. Expert therapists and counsellors working at an alcohol rehab centre can assist with the negative effects of alcohol abuse.

Apart from the myths above, here are a few others which you most probably believed yourself:

Alcohol is a great way to relax and relieve you from stress – The fact is that this is completely wrong! Alcohol increases the levels of stress within a person’s body. As we drink, our adrenaline levels increases which enable us to feel more relaxed when we drink alcohol. But, in fact the body actually comes under additional stress.

Alcohol is a sexual performance booster – Some may feel less inhibited and more sexually interested, but alcohol actually decreases and reduces the ability to perform and it also numbs your overall sensitivity.

There is no reason why a person should wait to reach a legal age to be drinking alcohol – Well in fact there is a very valid reason. Research shows that the longer a person is postponed to drinking, the less likely they will have alcohol related problems. The other good reason is that research has also proven that the brain does not finish developing until a person is at least 18 to 21. The brain is also one of the last regions within the body to mature, which means it is intimately involved with the ability to plan and make correct judgements.

Women can have as much alcohol as a man – Wrong! It has been proven time and time again by research that women become much faster intoxicated and impaired than men.
A cold shower and black coffee will sober you up – The fact is that only time will sober you up. A person metabolizes one drink per hour, which means that nothing else will help you sober up faster that time it-self…

Remain in control and still drink some more – The fact is that drinking impairs every person’s judgement. The more you drink, the more of an effect it will have on you, no matter how “immune” you may think you are…

The main point is the more you drink the faster you may become to alcohol abuse, which in itself leads to an alcoholic condition. This can be treated with the help from an expert therapist or counsellor.

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