Once you have made that decision to deal with your addiction, the process in overcoming it starts, and for some people, the process may vary, but from experience, this is what I learnt to live by while overcoming addiction.

The first important thing is that you are thinking about quitting.

Whether this means you have hit rock bottom, or a switch was flipped in your head, you have made the first step in acknowledging your addiction.

For people with substance use issues it is typically the fear that prevents them from seeking help, but seeking help is the most important step of all.  For you, it could be a major life event that makes you want to change your life, or it could be that you have finally made a conscious decision to change your ways.

Making the decision on how to treat your addiction is the next most important thing you do.  Deciding whether to use a rehab facility or treatment program or even to do it on your own, the decision is still made and that is important.

You need to make this decision for yourself.

There have been numerous occasions where the decision to overcome an addiction has been for the wrong reasons – doing it for a family for example, and this often leads to failed attempts.  You need to make sure you are doing this for yourself and only yourself.

Part of making this decision is to make sure you are 100% committed to the decision.  You need to adopt a policy for yourself – you will not accept the possibility of relapse no matter what.  You need to adopt a stubborn attitude in order to help yourself to the maximum.

It is also important to remember that what works for one addict may not work for you.  There are numerous strategies available to addict, such as attending meetings, drug replacement therapies and support systems.

There are varying opinions as to whether these work and what the outcomes have been for addicts.  For many of these people the most success is seen when in-house rehabilitation facilities are used, with structured guidance and support for overcoming addiction.  You need to find and deal with your addiction in a way that is going to benefit you the most, and not what worked for someone else.