It’s easy for a drug addict to say “I would like to quit using drugs”. However, meaning it and actually receiving rehab for drug addiction is an entirely different story. It’s important to note that because everyone is different, their drug addiction symptoms will also differ. With that being said, it’s imperative that all rehabilitation centres customise their treatment methods to the individual’s needs and lifestyle, and this should be kept in mind when choosing one. Is there a cure for drug addiction? No. Once you become an addict, you will always remain one.

In rehab for drug addiction, the main aim is to teach the person on how to live, manage and sustain a life without it. When an individual becomes entirely dependent (physically and mentally) on a drug, and their whole world revolves around when, where and how their next ‘fix’ might come about, then they can be labelled as a drug addict. It’s hard for a person to realise that they problem, however family members and people close to the individual are usually the ones who pick it up first.

Some of Gautengs top Intervention and Addiction Recovery Areas

Here is a list of locations for fome of Joburg and Pretoria top facilities and services : Bertsham, Blue Hills, Brentwood Park, Brixton, Buccleuch, Delville, Fairland, Groenkloof, Kew, Kyalami, Mayfair, Mayville, Mondeor, Mooikloof, Noordheuwel, Northmead, Norwood, Ontdekkerspark, Robindale, Rooihuiskraal, Sandton City, Silver Lakes, Val De Grace, Waverly, Woodmead. Please feel free to contact our free advice team if you do not see a centre near you or would like some unbiased feedback on the best route to take.

Rehabilitation starts with an intervention, either from a loved one or by the person themselves. There is an idea that forcing the individual to go for treatment is not the best way to intervene, however this has no effect on determining whether the rehab will be successful or not. If you know of someone who needs rehab for drug addiction, feel free to call us immediately.

Medical detoxification does not cure addiction, and as stated above, there is no cure. It serves as a starting point to recovery as it removes all the withdrawal symptoms that the person might feel due to the abstinence away from the drug. It has been statistically proven that residing at a drug rehab for 90 days provides the best chance of a successful recovery.

When picking the correct rehab for drug addiction, it is advisable to do some research on the center.

Find out what types of staff they use, what programs they offer that will help the individual in recovery, the conditions of their facilities and are they registered governmental body?
The best rehab for drug addiction will also incorporate life skills programmes and counselling on an individual and group basis, which will help the person regain control that was lost over their life.

It’s important to have various rehab options instead of just having one because if the chosen center does not have space to accommodate the addict, its best to look for a new one as waiting could open up the door for a relapse and forgetting what the main goal was.

Realistic goals will also have to be set in rehabilitation as well as when the individual has been discharged as it will serve as a guideline which can be worked towards.
With the help of the addiction counsellors at the rehab, a plan to ensure abstinence will have to be devised, which includes monitoring and following up on the patient after treatment.
No matter what obstacles might be foreseen in the path to recovery, a life without drugs can be achieved!