Though people usually have a general idea of what rehab is all about, they are not aware of the depth of services and procedures that a treatment centre has in place to help alcoholics and addicts recover.

Part of the process of recovery is detox and this is not something that those trying to beat alcohol addiction can go through alone. The process of detoxing is a hard one of the body and may be physically dangerous for the person going through it. In rehab though, when they are under the care of a doctor, those trying to beat it will find it easier to cope with the symptoms of this process.

Once the detox process is complete, patients are given the opportunity to enter group and individual therapy so that they can start to work on the issues that have caused their addiction. They also get life skills training which helps them deal with their addiction and substitute healthy actions for the unhealthy ones they had before. For those who have suffered from addiction, this is a difficult process to go through and may seem pointless and unnecessarily cruel. It is only when they leave rehab successfully and can be objective that they realize the benefit of these processes.

One of the most important things to subscribe to when entering rehab is the rules that dictate a patient may not have a cellphone or computer, may not eat indulgent food or have contact with the outside world. This is all part of the healing process, since isolation forces the individual to focus on themselves rather than on the problems have to face outside of rehab.

So how important is it for a patient to stick to the systems and processes dictated to them by rehab? Frankly, it is non-negotiable and if they are truly committed to healing and to becoming an active member of society, they need to trust in what those running the centre have prescribed for them. This is not an easy process, but it is one that is vital for the recovery of an alcohol addict.