When you are on the recovery road when it comes to drugs, then there is a long road ahead with many struggles. It would be best to try and find ways to keep yourself occupied. There are ways to do this and one of them is to write poems of your recovery. There are many recovery poems out there that have been written by drug users that were in recovery.

The recovery poems are there to help you in different ways to recover. When you write one you should try to pour your soul into it. If you are thinking terrible thoughts you can write it down so you can see it on paper in front of you. If you are faced with a mind and body that is rebelling, you can write about it. Even if you are proud of how far you have come you should write about it. This positive view will help you on the days you feel like faltering.

For some drug addicts the road to recovery can be quite daunting, as it requires a lot from the person. The person will need to change his or her lifestyle completely. Connecting with your emotions and other people, might help in your recovery.

Writing poems is a way you can connect with your feelings.  

Further, words are usually inspirational to people. Poems might be the same and affect drug addicts in a positive manner. If you are struggling you might want to read a few inspirational recovery poems that have been written by people in recovery. You never know, you might find your strength in the words of others. Words might help more than you think if you give it the chance to help.

Recovery poems might help when being read, as it can be motivational on those off days or inspirational to take action and to change. It might also turn you into a writer. It may also help when you write them yourself, as it will enable you to connect with yourself.

Get yourself any help that you possibly can, even if it is writing or reading poems of recovery.