Drug abuse is a problem that can lead to drug dependence. It is crucial that once you see signs of substance abuse in a loved one to take measures to help them get into rehab and deal with their drug or alcohol abuse. It is unlikely that a person using drugs can stop by themselves without the help of professionals at a drug rehab centre. Here are a few symptoms and signs to look out for if you suspect a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol.

Firstly, the physical signs of substance abuse are varied. However, they can be easily seen in the form of bloodshot eyes, large or small pupils, sweaty palms, frequent nosebleeds and shakes or tremors. Behavioural changes can also give you signs of substance abuse in a loved one. A sudden loss of interest in hobbies that they love, a drop in school grades or work performance, secretive and suspicious behaviour as well as withdrawal into their own world are just a few of them.

Drug dependence is when a person no longer feels able to function on a daily bases without having their drug of choice. Due to greater tolerance, they will need larger amounts of the substance and to have it more frequently.

The signs and symptoms of substance dependence include the following. When the person does not get any of the substance they have been abusing, they will show signs of withdrawal. These come in the form of trembling, sweating, vomiting, insomnia and headaches. In some cases, the signs of withdrawal are so severe they will cause hallucinations and seizures.  These are the effects of drug detox when a person goes to drug rehab as well. When a person has to use the drugs in order to treat these signs of withdrawal, then they are definitely drug dependent.

Neglecting activities that used to be important to them is another serious sign of drug dependence. If the only thing on their mind is having your next drug ‘hit’ and their main focus from day to day is to get more drugs, then they will not care about anything else. Also, if they continue to use the drugs despite the negative effects they are having on their body or the people around them, then they are drug dependent. These are major signs that they are dependent on drugs.

Signs And Symptoms