Learning About The Symptoms Associated With Drug Addiction

There are many different symptoms-addictionsymptoms that will manifest when someone is struggling with an addiction. Learning about these symptoms will help you to recognize addiction in yourself as well as those around you. A very common symptom of drug addiction is a higher tolerance to the drug. This means that you would the amount of drugs would not have the same effect on the person in question. The ‘high’ would not be as intense or last as long.

You should be on the lookout for withdrawal symptoms. This is a clear sign of addiction and these symptoms will manifest when the person in question has not taken the drug for a certain period of time. Withdrawal symptoms can be emotional as well as physical and they are rather unpleasant. Many addicts take drugs simply to counteract the withdrawal symptoms that they are experiencing.

Looking For Signs And Symptoms Of Drug Abuse

The American Psychiatric Assoc. has released a list of signs and symptoms that you can look out for if you suspect drug addiction. If the individual in question exhibits 3 or more of the symptoms listed below within a time frame of 12 months then drug addiction is probably in place:

1. A much high tolerance for the drug, i.e. they need to take increasingly larger dosages in order to experience the effects of the drug.

2. Notable withdrawal symptoms are manifesting. Many individuals struggling with drug addiction continue using drugs perpetually just to keep the withdrawal at bay.

3. The individual no longer controls the amount of drugs consumed over a period of time, .i.e. they end up taking a lot more than they first intended to without being able to help themselves.

4. The individual wishes to reduce or stop drug use but they are unable to do so.

5. The individual spends large amounts of time pursuing, consuming and recuperating after using the drug.

6. The individual neglects other responsibilities and hobbies.

7. The individual is unable to stop buying and using the drug despite seeing the havoc that the drug is causing in their life.