If only there was a clearly defined set of rules that, if followed, would lead us to be the perfect parent in raising a happy, fulfilled child. If only. However, this is in no way the case and in order to ensure we are doing the best we can it is important to know what is going on in our children’s lives. Drug abuse is a very scary reality for a lot of the youth and if a parent steps in, it could allow for speedier resolution and recovery.teenage drug use

The best way to keep substance abuse away from your family is to observe your child. Know what they do and look for signs, because the truth is, if they fall into drug use, they not going to come home and say ‘Hey mom/dad, I started using drugs.’ The two areas to take note of are behaviour and health:


  • New friends
  • Erratic moods
  • Volatility –manic/depressed
  • Anger
  • Apathy
  • Depression


  • Dizziness or vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Mouth sores
  • An unexplained, constant runny nose
  • Nosebleeds

If you see this happening and are sceptical or even certain that your child is using drugs, there are solutions to help you move forward. Ensure your focus is not with yourself, it does not matter who will find out or whether or not you are the cause, you have to place your focus on the wellbeing and safety of your child. Research all your possible options, gather as many possible routes forward as possible, look into alcohol treatment or drug rehab. Open communication with your child will aid the entire process, don’t allow yourself to be left in the dark anymore, it is time to take action.

To conclude, this is a scary and daunting reality to face. Sending your child to a rehabilitation centre is a hard choice to make however, having to deal with jails, institutions or death is a far worse consequence.