Proper and adequate addict support is a very important part of the recovery process of an addict. This is because many addicts will not be able to overcome substance abuse if they do not have a support system in place. The road to recovery is very difficult and it is an on going process.

Every addict will experience weak moments and this is when a support system and team will come into play and help them to remain strong.

There is one important thing that should be noted and that is that there is a difference between addict support and enabling. Knowing when to step in and help and knowing when to let the individual help themselves in a very important part of the healing process. This is why it is generally recommended that if you are trying to overcome substance abuse or if someone you love is trying to overcome substance abuse, seek the help of professionals.

Where To Find Addict Support

The first point of contact can be your family doctor. They would have experience in dealing with addicts and they can make recommendations about what treatment would be best for the addict. They would also have many useful contacts for therapists, support groups and rehabilitation centres that can be of great assistance.

Local community or youth centres would also have useful contacts and literature about addiction and overcoming it. Local resources are great because it is a lot more convenient than having to travel to other suburbs areas for support. The internet is also a very effective research tool and may be used to find advice, treatment options and support.

Support groups are one of the best tools and forms of support available to recovering addicts.

Addicts can find these support groups locally and attend meetings on a regular basis or they can find support groups online. The online version of support groups is a lot more convenient and accessible and would be perfect for a recovering addict that is not able to travel to regular meetings.