All drugs are addictive, hence the name.  However, some drugs have more addictive qualities than others and then also cause more damage than others.  There are many rumours and myths doing the rounds about drug abuse and the effects of drug abuse, mainly regarding minor drugs such as prescription medicines etc.  The reality of the situation is that illegal drugs are the most addictive.  The exception to this rule is nicotine.  Nicotine is found in cigarettes and is therefore not illegal, but it is extremely addictive and one of the most used substances around the globe.  Nicotine is one of the main causes of lung cancer and depression.drug rehab

Heroin is also a very addictive illegal substance.  Drug abusers around the world have started out small and landed up being so addicted to heroin that they either suffer great physical damage or eventually die.  Heroin sends out false messages to the brain of euphoria.  This is what makes it so addictive.  Addicts crave the happy feelings etc.  After a while, addicts will find that their mental capacity is diminished and their liver is not functioning optimally anymore.

Another very popular drug amongst addicts is cocaine.  Cocaine is much the same as heroin in that it also sends false signals to the brain.  Overwhelming feelings of happiness and confidence and “on top the world” is experienced when this drug is taken.  But when these feelings dissipate, the real problems set in.  Long term cocaine abuse can lead to respiratory problems, heart attacks, strokes etc.  This happens because cocaine causes the blood pressure to sky-rocket and it also causes fever.  It is very difficult to stop using cocaine because the withdrawal symptoms include severe depression as well as physical pain and suffering.

Meth is the latest drug gaining a lot of popularity amongst drug abusers these days.  This drug also induces happy feelings which last very long.  But when they wear off, there are severe side effects such as muscle spasms, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, aggression and many more.