There are many different types of drugs out there that people get addicted to and they have great trouble getting rid of the addiction again.  Drug addiction is not limited to hardcore drugs such as heroin, cocaine, LSD or meth. People also get addicted to over the counter medicines and other things such as cleaning liquids and fuel.  There have been many instances where people have died due to excessive inhalation of fuel fumes, bleach fumes or even paint fumes.  It seems that people are not hesitating in their efforts to get high.

Alcohol addiction is also a form of drug addiction. Even though alcohol is a legal substance and anyone over 18 years of age can purchase it, it has very addictive qualities and terrible consequences sometimes occur when it is abused. Liver disease is very often associated with the abuse of alcohol and this very often ends in death.

Another very common form of drug addiction is nicotine addiction.Kicking the smoking habit is probably one of the hardest things in the world to do, just ask any smoker.  Anyone who has ever tried to stop smoking will be able to testify of their sudden bursts of anger, extreme craving, increased appetite and violent mood swings.  These are all withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine addiction.

Something that seems to have been made popular by music and movies is the smoking of marijuana.  This is the most popular illegal drug and there are may people who grow the marijuana plant right in their garden or back yard. The use of marijuana can cause hallucinations and other health risks.

Although it doesn’t seem plausible, caffeine addiction is also a very real problem around the world.  Caffeine can be found in coffee, soft drinks and even chocolate.  People who take in excessive amounts of caffeine during the day will find it very hard to stop later on.  Withdrawal symptoms will also occur , should they try to overcome the habit and professional help might be needed as well.

List of Addictive Substances