Rehab centres follow the same principles as international standard rehab centres in terms of function and purpose. The main function of any rehab centre is to provide patients with the means to recover from whatever it is that they need to recover from, for example, the main types of rehab facility includes occupational rehab centres, physical rehab centres, psych-social rehab centres and addiction rehab centres.

Another aspect or function of a rehab centre is to offer the means by which patients can find the tools that they need to recover from their addiction or disability in order that they can re-join their communities and regain a better quality of life.

Occupational rehab centres are most often found as part or extensions to hospitals and clinics. This is because occupational rehab has to do with helping patients recover from serious injuries such as spinal injuries so that they can gain the use of their limbs (for example).

Another extension of the same rehabilitation umbrella characteristic of occupational therapy is the physical rehab facility. Physical rehab is very similar to occupational therapy except that, as the name suggests, the physical rehab Programme is more physically intensive in so far as providing patients with critical and key exercises to help them rehabilitate parts of their body that are no longer functioning correctly.

Alcohol and drug rehab falls under the scope of the addiction rehab centres, rehab centres that focus mainly on alcohol detox, drug detox and various other aspects of addictions fall under the guidelines associated with addiction rehabilitation.

Substance abuse rehab is a complex process and involves a number of different drug and alcohol recovery therapies and treatments including certain medicines and lifestyle therapies. While many only are aware of the alcohol and drug rehab aspects of addiction rehabilitation there are other forms of addiction that are also treated by rehab centres including gambling addiction, food addiction, sex addiction and a few others as well.

A lesser known rehab centre type is the so called psych-social rehab centre. While occupational and physical rehab centres focus primarily on the physical aspects of recovery, addiction rehab (to a lesser extent) and psych-social rehab focuses a lot more on mental aspects of rehab and recovery. Psych-social rehab deals mainly with mental disorders and psychiatric disorders such as bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and depression. These psychiatric disorders are most often treated with various medications and therapies.

The Rehabilitation Center Defined

While many of us know more or less what a rehabilitation center, or recovery center for substance abuse is, few of us really know how one works. In the most basic terms a rehab treatment center is there to offer a facility that can provide substance abusers and drug addicts with the tools to deal with their drug recovery process or alcohol recovery process.

Not all addictions are the same and this is why rehab treatment centers will typically use a wide combination of treatment processes in order to provide the patient with the best possible range of therapies including individual one on one sessions with an experienced and highly trained therapist, small interactive group sessions and a comprehensive lifestyle plan designed to best complement the recovery process.

peopleAll rehabilitation centres share a common purpose and that is to successfully reintegrate the patient back into a normal social environment where they can begin to live a normal life again within their community.

There are a number of different rehab treatment centres and they include physical therapy centers, occupational treatment centers, psych-social treatment centres and addiction treatment centers.

There are an extensive number of rehab centres that cover the gamut from occupational rehabilitation, which deals primarily with helping patients regain essential skills in order to function at their best. A prime example of this in action is in the case of spinal injury patients who undergo occupational therapy in order to regain, to a certain extent, the use of their legs and arms. Occupational rehab helps patients to learn to read and write, talk, dress themselves, eating by themselves and many more aspects.

Physical rehabilitation centres can be viewed along the same lines as occupational therapy centres in so far as they perform similar primary functions. The main difference between occupational therapy or occupational rehab centres and physical rehabilitation centres is that physical rehabilitation centres tend to focus more on actual physical exercises to achieve certain therapeutic results in patients.

Addiction rehabilitation or addiction treatment is one of the more common forms of rehabilitation treatment centres and there are many outstanding Johannesburg rehab treatment centres that offer excellent rehab treatment services to the community.

There are various programs including inpatient and outpatient programs, depending on the severity or the nature of the substance addiction. Johannesburg rehab centres cover a great deal of ground including alcohol addiction and various substance abuse drug addictions, gambling addictions, sex addictions a and number of other lesser known addictions.