Every drug addict in active addiction likes to believe (and loves to say) that their story is unique to them, no one can understand what they have been through and no one can understand why they need to use drugs and a host of other reasons why they avoid getting treatment.

All these words and repetitive sayings are nothing but a tool to keep the person in denial and to keep the person sick. It is their ‘addict’s voice’ separating them from the world and isolating them from getting help.

Once the person truly realises that they are not alone and that there are people who relate to what they have been through – then the person can become willing to recover.

These repetitions and sayings need to be replaced with new and positive mantras to start dealing with life in recovery.

There are places that a person can go to that will open their eyes to the fact that they are not alone with their illness.

NA or Narcotics Anonymous offers an eye-opening experience to any addict and is a place to meet other recovering addicts (as well as a place to make new, healthier friends) who are willing to do what it takes to stay clean and who are willing to share their experience, strength and hope with any newcomer in the fellowship.

NA meetings are available throughout the world and happen daily, there are no excuses not to go to a meeting and the still suffering addict is always welcome at these meetings to see how recovery is actually possible.

This fellowship does offer the opportunity to change your life. Why not give it a try? 

An addict in active addiction will do just about anything to get their drug of choice and if a person wants recovery badly enough, why not do anything for that too? After the insane things done for drugs, walking into a meeting should be a very simple activity. Yes, you may feel exposed and vulnerable but it is better than being dead or living to die.

Some people find support in religion.

Go to your local church, synagogue or mosque and ask for help and see what is available to you there. You may find God, you may find a higher power and you may find a completely new religion to look into – if it keeps you clean, and offers you support and makes you happy – jump into it and don’t look back.

If you want to speak to a person one on one (as opposed to large support groups), get into contact with a drug counsellor or an addiction therapist. These people can help you work not only on your drug addiction but on the psychological and behavioural patterns that got you to pick up in the first place. They can support you through your drug recovery and offer a safe place for you to share. NA does this but if you have problem speaking in a large group of people, start small and speak to your counsellor or therapist and soon you’ll be able to share at meetings.

There are many ways to get support for your addiction, click here to get all the help that you need.

You have to want recovery and be open minded enough to explore your options. Keep strong and know that recovery for any addict is possible. You just have to work damn hard to get it and keep it, and the right kind of support makes the work a lot less demanding and actually makes it more fun.

In South Africa in particular you will find plenty of great places where you can receive help with your drug addiction recovery. There are so many places that are willing and able to help you take back control of your life.

It is worth mentioning that in many cases, it is the family and loved ones of the person who is left with having to pay for the treatment. This can put additional pressure and strain on the family and the relationships of the family members. It is because of this that the family needs to take an active role in the person’s recovery.

This will help the person to start mending bridges and rebuilding his or her relationships with their families. It will also allow the family to learn more about the challenges that the person faces. This will help you to start learning how your addiction has also impacted on the people that you love.

There are many affordable drug rehabilitation centres in South Africa, and you can find them by doing a simple online search. Whichever rehabilitation centre you decide on should feature accredited and professional medical staff including addiction specialists who are experienced in dealing with addicts and helping them beat their addiction.

You will also get the luxury rehabilitation centres that offer luxurious surroundings to help you make the journey to recovery more easily. However these centres are usually more expensive but they offer a more luxurious setting to the patients.

These and many other factors will impact your decision when deciding where to look for drug addiction help and support. Make sure that the place that you choose is the best for you and your family, and that they will truly be able to help you beat your addiction.