Willowild Detox Clinic

For all of us road towards a sober and healthy lifestyle is about taking the first step in the right direction. Willowild substance abuse treatment centres and substance abuse services can help you to overcome the “inner voice” that drives addiction. Situated in Willowild, Sandton in Johannesburg, our therapeutic treatment facilities provide a shielded, progressive, supportive and compassionate environment.


Drug Rehab in Willowild

Drugs dependency can be the human body’s physical need, or addiction, for the specific agent. There’s consequently no distinction between addiction & dependency. In the long run, this kind of dependency ends up in physiological problems, behaviour concerns, & connection to men and women who typically use other hard drugs. Our personal quest will be to give you affordable, personal and also professional assistance in rebuilding the balance of your mind and also the entire body to individuals with drug dependencies and other related dysfunctions.

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Alcohol Abuse in Willowild

Realising you have a problem with alcohol is definitely the first step for you to get better, however it is unquestionably the hardest one.

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Interventions in Willowild

When it comes to addiction, the user with the dilemma usually struggles to see it and / or recognize it. A very specialised solution can often be required. You could possibly have to join forces with others and then undertake it through the official intervention.

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Substance Addiction Rehabilitation in Willowild

Searching for a drug rehab facility is usually an difficult task when it’s time to find the right one. For the reason that psychological and mental ailments & traumas very often underlie drug addiction, treatments by mental health specialists is usually an essential part of the process.

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Residential Rehab in Willowild

Inpatient therapy permits you to direct your attention to your recovery without having temptations & removes the person the settings that could may be adding to the drug / alcohol abuse.

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Secondary Facility Recovery Centre in Willowild

These types of solutions include visiting a rehab centre or even a medical centre for more formalized addiction treatment or if needed, admission to professional medical resources or psychiatric care. However for fundamentally the most part an individual is rehabilitated enough to be on their own and away from the treatment centre for longer periods.

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Long-term Rehabilitation in Willowild

Quite often, long-stay recovery institutions involve persons to remain in a controlled environment for ninety days or longer.

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If you have a substance abuse problem, you are not the only one out there. An estimated that 1 out of every 3 people in S.A. are fighting a substance related dependency disorder. The addiction help approach addresses the symptoms which facilitate the particular addiction and uses these factors to structure the patients ongoing rehabilitation program.

Addiction Counsellors in Willowild (Sandton)
Find an expert addiction recovery counsellor in Sandton advocate a sustained recovery lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. These meetings are geared at recovering alcoholics and drug users that have begun the process required to break from their addiction disorders. Personal counselling or one on one therapy outside of a private care rehab facility is not ideal for everyone suffering with an addiction. The addiction topic could often be a lot more difficult than going simply to a personal counsellor for a session a week.

Relapse prevention is the basis of rehabilitation, if you don’t maintain a dedicated treatment plan there is not much motivation in breaking the cycle on an ongoing basis. Our alcohol and drug rehab in Willowild treatment clinic provides safe & secure accommodation in home-like environment with full-time staff counsellors that cater directly to recovering patients for alcohol, crack, cocaine, heroin, dagga, meth related addictions. Willowild maintains highly competitive rates as a key private treatment centre, and boasts one of the best outpatient programmes in the industry.