Drug abuse is a serious issue and can end a life extremely quickly. There are however a number ways to drug detox the body and start on a path to recovery. However one has to be careful which type of drug detoxification treatment that you opt for. Stopping use of drugs immediately can lead to serious complications and very bad withdrawal symptoms and may even lead to death. This does not mean however that you cannot stop use of drugs gradually under super vision.

A rehab treatment centre is the best option for those who are serious about getting their drug problem under control. These rehabs centres have the right professionals that will help you to detox in the right way without harming yourself. They also have other individuals that are going through exactly the same thing, which means that you have a support system to ensure that your recovery is not done alone.

Withdrawal symptoms occur due to the fact that your body is so used to receiving the substance that you have been using that it eventually believes what you think, that you cannot live without the drug. While on a drug detox your body has to rehabilitate itself in the same that you have to rehabilitate your mind. You have to get used to the idea that you do not need the drug to get through the day and your body also has to get used to this. If you believe that you or a family member is abusing drugs, take the first step to admitting it and get help.

Here are some Gauteng based options for detox programs. If you did not find a center close to you please contact our team and we will point you in the right direction. Over 50 years in recovery between us and helping over 5000 families and individuals through our free service and contact network we would like to help you get through this phase and free to live your life again.

Detox and or stopping a substance use suddenly can have a very negative and shocking effect on the body and this can result in fatal damage or even death through seizures depending on the drug in question. Going into withdrawal means enduring a range of withdrawal symptoms as the body detoxes from the addictive substances. Some of these symptoms can be so severe as to land the abuser in hospital or even worse, which is why it is advised that detox happens in a safe environment with trained addiction professionals.