Every rehab will have a different admittance process when it comes to taking someone in and getting them to face their addiction. The admissions process therefore is quite different too, depending on where you go and though most ascribe to a few simple rules, you experience will never be the same if you are unfortunate enough to have to go into rehab more than once.

The process of going into rehab should start on a positive note and therefore a good rehab facility will welcome those who are suffering from addiction with a warm smile and a good attitude. It is so important to make the process seem non-threatening and give it a positive connotation, as this can influence the attitude of the addict.

When someone enters rehab, they are hiding away from the world until such time as they have healed and reintegrate and in order to facilitate this healing, they will need to leave the comforts of the world outside. This means leaving laptops and cellphones in the real world so that they can heal, but can also mean not dressing provocatively, no television and not even access to food or drinks from the outside world.

This may seem scary to the person who is entering treatment but it must be kept in mind that rehab is not a part of the societal world. It is a place of healing the body and mind and this cannot be done with the interruption and noise that the outside world brings.

Addicts at a rehab facility will be given ample opportunity to contact friends of family, but they need to understand that the focus of rehab is healing themselves. Therefore, they need support and not to be inundated with the problems of the outside world. By some, this may be seen as overprotection, but the needs of the addict come first when it comes to rehab.

Going into rehab is a very courageous choice and there will be many deterrents that make you feel as though you should back out of it. Don’t. Instead, be brave and power through it with your goal in mind.