Many people who know someone who is struggling with an addiction are often unsure to they can help. This article will briefly outline some ways in which you can help a person to the road to recovery.

1. Firstly, it is important to understand that a person did not choose to become an addict. While they may have initially chosen to use a drug or consume alcohol, they did not choose to become addicted. When you struggle with an addiction, your brain’s functionality is altered. The addict may say and do things that they would never usually do. This needs to be medically treated in the same way that you would seek medical attention when battling a disease or illness. All addicts deserve medical treatment.

2. A great way to help any individual struggling with addiction is to help them find a good rehabilitation centre that offers effective addiction treatment programs. It would be a good idea to try and find one that is able to treat dual diagnosis as well.

3. It is not uncommon that the person will be resistant to the rehabilitation proposed. Many addicts will come up with a whole range of reasons and excuses why they should not go and sign up for an addiction treatment program. The truth is that voluntary rehabilitation is not the only road to recovery. Interventions are sometimes necessary as well.

Unfortunately, addiction still has a very negative stigma that surrounds it.

Many people still believe that the person chose that life and that they should have to deal with the consequences. The truth is that the addict’s brain chemistry is altered to such an extent that they can be compared to patients with mental illnesses.

This is why it is so important that we all help where we can if we see someone we care about struggling with an addiction.

Recent studies have also shown that treating addiction and alcoholism as an illness is a lot more cost effective and drastically reduces the social consequences in the long term. We can all do our part and reach out a helping hand. You could end up saving many lives.

Contributed by Recovery Direct.