There have been many studies over the years into the issues surrounding alcoholism and a recent one has found that the constant use of alcohol can change your brain chemistry. It seems that on a molecular level, alcohol changes the makeup of the brain and the extended use and abuse of it can permanently change who you are.

The author of the paper claims that his team have found a protein within the brain that may be the culprit in alcohol addiction. If this is true, they will be able to design a medication that will inhibit this protein and may be able to inhibit alcoholism. The team was apparently not looking for the protein but was trying to gain some understanding of how the networks of proteins within the brain become affected by the changes to personality and behaviour that are so often associated with alcohol.

After analyzing about 500 samples of tissue, the team found that there were certain proteins that increased when the subject was an alcoholic. While their study was not conclusive, this does mean that the treatment for alcoholism is off to a great start and for those who have had to go through rehab and treatment, this may be a good sign.

Of course currently in South Africa, the only way to beat alcoholism is to enter rehab and for those looking for some kind of quick fix, there sadly is none. However, there are many effective treatments within the rehab setting that will assist in ridding oneself of the problems of addiction and until such time as there is a pill that can take your alcoholism away, this is the only option.

While checking into a rehab facility can be scary and it is nice to imagine that a pill would make things easier, this technology is not yet available and there is no date set yet for when we can expect it. This is why despite the fact that researchers are working hard in this field, one should not expect a miracle cure that can take away alcoholism just yet.