When it comes to drug and  alcohol rehabs, and substance use disorders there is no quick cure. This is a long-term process that has to go through certain stages in order to be successful. After all, anyone suffering from alcohol addiction is very unlikely to recognize the problem in themselves and will probably need to go through a guided journey of acceptance in order to heal.

When it comes to the healing process, three phases are usually identified, namely:

Detoxification – this is the process that must take place on a physical level for the user to cleanse their body of the impurities of alcohol. This is a process that has to be overseen by a doctor or other medical professional as it can be dangerous. The patient will usually experience such symptoms as Delirium Tremens, during which their bodies will shake and they may hallucinate. This is part of the process of detox, but for the patient and for those who love that person, this can be a very scary experience.

Treatment – This part of the process is hard to define because every rehab facility is different, and every patient is different. What usually happens though is that the patient starts to work through the psychological issues that got them to alcoholism and a dedicated team of psychologists, nurses and doctors begin the process of helping them heal mentally.

Leaving rehab – the process of beating addiction is a long-term one and once a patient has left rehab, they will still need to attend meetings and talk to professionals so that they can stay sober. This may be the hardest part of the process both because the patient has to reintegrate into society and because they must take responsibility for themselves. It is an ongoing process that has no end date and the patient must focus on their future health in order to get through it.

The treatment of alcoholism is a process and no one can deny that as the addiction takes years to build up, it only stands to reason that it should take a long time to beat it and start living a productive and happy life.

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