The best rehab facility to go to for treatment for alcohol addiction is one that recognizes that alcoholism is a disease. While some rehab centres see themselves as a place to get away from society while dealing with an addiction, a good centre will have the tools to deal with this addiction on a physiological and a psychological level.

To treat this kind of affliction, one has to go through the physical detoxification process first and this is a dangerous time for the addict. This is why a good rehab centre should have trained doctors and nurses on hand who can administer medication, check for dehydration and help the patient on a medical level while they are battling to beat their addiction.

Once the physical battle has died down, the patient will need some form of mental health treatment and trained psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental healthcare professionals must be on hand to assist in this. For the patient, this can be a terrifying time when they do not know what is going on in their bodies and minds. A rehab that can help them through this is ideal.

While it is nice to imagine we live in a utopia where every rehab has these facilities, sadly this is not the case. Some rehab facilities are in it for the money only and once a fee has been paid, will house and feed a patient with very little physical or mental support. This is why it is so important to check out a rehab before going there and to get the opinions of others. While a personality difference between the patient the facility cannot be predicted, the best alcohol rehab will have certain treatments and facilities to ensure patient heals and takes responsibility for their own healing.

In order to find the best rehab, it is best to seek the opinion of a doctor. This means visiting a psychiatrist or psychologist and asking them for their recommendation of a good rehab. A visit is usually arranged soon afterwards so that the patient can take a look at the facilities and their family can decide if that rehab is the right place for them.