Drug abuse in an issue of growing concern in today’s society. There are so many ways in which drug use can negatively affect your life and these negative effects will be discussed in more detail below.

  • Your judgement will be impaired: When you are under the influence of drugs, your judgement will be impaired because you are a lot less alert. Your memory, senses and ability to react will all be influenced by the drugs that you have taken.
  • Your health will deteriorate: The abuse of drugs can lead to sickness as the drugs begin to taken a toll on your body. An overdose can kill you immediately and long term usage of drugs can result in health problems such as kidney failure and liver disease.
  • Your finances will suffer: Any addiction will cost you a huge amount of money in the long run. Even if your drug of choice is not that expensive, you will begin to crave it more and more. This means that you will be spending more and more of your hard earned money buying this drug until you eventually spend all your money on it.
  • Your reputation will be tarnished: Once you have been apprehended or convicted for drug use or possession, it is permanently noted on your record. This means that job applications, credit applications, lease applications and travel plans can all be negatively influenced due to this damage done to your reputation.
  • Your life will be irreversibly damaged: While it may seem fun or cool to use illegal drugs in the beginning, you may quickly find your life spinning out of control as your become ruled by your addiction. Many addicts forget about their hobbies, passions and interests after they become addicted. The only thing that matters to them is their next fix. This can lead to irreversible damage being done to your relationships, health and career. While you may one day overcome your drug dependence and addiction, the damage that was done may never be repaired and you will never get back all the time that was wasted.

Types of Drug Treatment Facilities