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Each one of the addiction treatment programs put specific emphasis on addiction behaviour change techniques where we endorse wellness based habits & a balanced lifestyle. If a person truthfully needs help and is committed to stop drinking alcohol or doing drugs, there are many substance abuse recovery programs available for them to follow. Our help centres provide advice on comprehensive primary as well as extended care addiction treatment facilities for clients in Newlands.


Drug Addiction in Newlands

Substance abuse, also called abusing drugs, is usually a patterned utilization of a chemical substance where the person consumes the narcotic in doses or with means which can be harmful to the person or other people. The exact origin of substance abuse is not possible to recognize since there is not just one direct reason. Prior to when a person can make the right choice for his / her substance addiction recovery, she or he ought to understand what form of treatment solutions the most beneficial rehab centres offer you.

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Alcohol Abuse in Newlands

Cutting down and avoiding drinking can often be just the beginning, and the majority of men and women will require some level of support to continue being off alcohol in the long term. Getting support – past family members, good friends – is very important to knowing and surmounting the difficulties that make you habitually drink alcohol.

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Interventions in Newlands

If you have got a family member of friend in denial with regards to the seriousness of her or his addiction and in what way it affects the family unit, give us a call now for intervention assistance.

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Substance Addiction Recovery in Newlands

Further than abstinence, treatment is actually an extended process for educating, developing, and also restoration: psychologically, bodily, and spiritually.

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Primary Care Rehab in Newlands

Primary care rehab means you can concentrate on your rehabilitation without having disruptions & removes you from any surroundings that will may be exacerbating the alcohol and / or drug abuse.

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Secondary Facility Treatment in Newlands

Some of these treatments entail going to a treatment centre or a clinic to get more formal treatment or as required, access to health care resources or psychiatric care. However for fundamentally the greater part the individual is rehabilitated to enough of an extent to be on their own and away from the clinic for longer intervals.

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Long-term Rehabilitation in Newlands

Long lasting drug and alcohol treatment gives you solutions when the person will remain for a time of over three months.

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Accredited counsellors will help pinpoint issues that are the root cause addiction. The addiction therapy practice identifies the problems which cause the particular the self destructive behaviours and uses these factors to structure the patients sustained rehabilitation program.

Addiction Counsellor Meetings in Newlands (Randburg)
The counsellors in Randburg prescribe a sustained recovery-based lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. These meetings are geared at recovering alcoholics and drug users that have begun the process needed to break free from their addictions. Not all addiction recovery counsellors is not ideal for everyone suffering with an addiction disorder. The addiction topic can be much more difficult than attending outpatient orientated therapy and may still require the specialised services found in formal addiction rehabilitation centres in South Africa.

Only in-depth understanding of the initial break & addiction treatment process will allow patients to embrace a conclusive corrective path to recovery. The residential Newlands treatment clinic provides secure and safe accommodation in home-like environment with resident counsellors that deal directly to individual therapy for drug and alcohol related addictions. This is a 24h support facility with experienced staff who understand what it’s like.