Montgomery Park Rehabilitation Centre

Many people struggle & get disheartened through ongoing failed attempts at recovery. Support programs clinics, sober living homes and resources which can aid individuals to progress forward living his or her daily lives without the stigmas of addiction. We take a big picture strategy for addiction recovery treatments – dealing with the individuals entire chosen lifestyle in connection with alcohol abuse, alcohol as well as binge problems and partner with the family all through the treatment plan whenever possible.


Drug Rehab in Montgomery Park

Substance abuse, better known as drug addiction, is often a regimen utilization of a compound when the individual uses the drug in volumes or with methods which might be detrimental to themselves or others. The specific reason behind drug abuse is impossible to determine while there is not merely one direct reason. Our own quest is to always present you with cost effective, professional coupled with personal help with restoring lost balance of the mind and the body to individuals with drug dependencies and other connected disorders.

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Abusive Drinking in Montgomery Park

Alcoholism certainly is the largest addiction condition in South Africa and the world. Drinking is socially well-accepted, consequently it quite often rendering it more difficult for the individual or even the family to determine if this has grown into a dependency problem.

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Interventions in Montgomery Park

An intervention process is often a triggered meeting with the person or alcoholic as well as his close friends, close relatives, along with other involved persons. Within the intervention, often the alcohol and drug addict is attentively faced head on by all those that are concerned with her / him.

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Substance Addiction Recovery in Montgomery Park

Locating a addiction recovery centre can be an hard task when it’s time for them to find the right one. For the reason that mental health conditions & traumas regularly underlie addiction, treatment methods by mental health professionals is invariably an essential element of the methodology.

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In-Patient Rehab in Montgomery Park

Primary care rehab lets you focus on your addiction recovery without disruptions & removes the patient the circumstances that could have been leading to the drug / alcohol abuse.

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Out Patient Rehabilitation in Montgomery Park

Out-patient – This particular treatment Programme usually includes regularly scheduled counselling consultations several times each week. Nevertheless for the most part the client is rehabilitated to enough of a degree to remain away from the clinic for longer periods.

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Halfway House Rehabilitation in Montgomery Park

Long lasting drug recovery will provide programs in which the person will reside for a time period of over 3 months.

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Accredited addiction counsellors will help manage the behaviours that lead to addiction. Our addiction treatment centres are run by licensed, well-trained mental health professionals as well as substance abuse recovery counsellors (who have been there done that). The primary intention should be to enable clients to achieve and maintain sobriety away from addictive substances and behaviours.

Substance Addiction Counselling in Montgomery Park (Randburg)
The expert guidance of a personal counsellor in Randburg promote an on going recovery-based lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. These meetings are geared at individuals help with substance use disorders that have begun the process needed to break away from their addiction disorders. Note: Private addiction counselling is not ideal for everyone struggling with an addiction problem. Addiction recovery could often be a lot more involved than attending private therapy with a counsellor.

Only in-depth knowledge of the intervention break & treatment programme will enable patients to embrace a conclusive corrective recovery-based lifestyle. The primary care Montgomery Park treatment clinic provides secure & safe residence in an upmarket house with full-time staff counsellors that cater directly to recovering patients for substances like alcohol, cocaine, crack, opioids, cannabis, methamphetamine related addictions. Montgomery Park features highly competitive rates as a private treatment centre, and has one of the most successful tertiary programmes on the market.