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With our alcohol and drug recovery programs assert specific view on behaviour modification in which we encourage wellness directed rituals & a sustainable lifestyle. The Rietspruit residential care addiction rehabilitation and treatment clinics are aimed at individuals struggling as a result of ongoing addictive substance related issues. Our team create a big picture process to substance addiction recovery treatment – handling the men & women’s total chosen lifestyle with regards to alcohol abuse, alcohol consumption and also binging dysfunctions and partner with the family through the entire treatments process wherever possible.


Drug Rehab in Rietspruit

Substance abuse, better known as substance abuse, can be a patterned intake of a drug when the user uses the chemical substance in ranges or with procedures which are dangerous to themselves or other individuals. The specific trigger of addiction is impossible to understand while there is not just one lead cause. When an individual may make a good choice for the individuals drug dependency rehab, she or he must find out what type of therapy the most beneficial rehab centres offer you.

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Abusive Alcohol Consumption in Rietspruit

Lowering and ceasing drinking might be just the beginning, and most people will need some degree of help to continue to be sober in the long term. Finding assistance – further than family members, friends – is really important to comprehending and beating the challenges that make an individual habitually consume alcohol.

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Interventions in Rietspruit

If you have a close friend in denial within the seriousness of her or his addiction and just how it influences the household, give us a call now regarding intervention assist.

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Addiction Rehabilitation in Rietspruit

Anyone who is inside treatment or seeking guidance initially have to be aware that alcohol and drug addiction is a disorder, rather than a morale failure or just a weakness of self-control or a deficiency in the capacity to just say ‘no’.

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Primary Care Rehab in Rietspruit

A residential drug & alcohol detox really is a managed living environment in which the person will stay in the treatment centre during his or her entire treatment.

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Out Patient Recovery Centre in Rietspruit

Other forms of outpatient treatment methods involve extensive out-patient attention in addition to part clinic stays. Nevertheless for the most part the person is recovered to enough of an extent to stay away from the clinic for longer durations.

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Long-term Treatment in Rietspruit

Designed for individuals with demanding recovery issues that require more time, typically the process of recovery could necessitate longer lengths of stay. This provides for more in-depth time on particular concerns, psychiatric challenges, relapse prevention and additionally clean living techniques.

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If you have been afflicted with drug or alcohol dependency, you’re not the only one out there. It’s estimated that millions of individuals in South Africa are also fighting an addiction. Our addiction recovery services in Gauteng are operated by government licensed, specialised mental health therapists along with substance abuse rehabilitation specialists. The long-term intent would be to help clients to detox and maintain abstinence from addictive chemicals and destructive routines.

Registered Counsellor in Rietspruit (Ekurhuleni)
Find registered counsellors in Ekurhuleni assist in an on going recovery lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. Walking into therapy for the first time is quite a daunting experience for most individuals. Yet over-time the process becomes easier as you get to gain insights and begin to others who provide insights and support on the process. Understanding that private counselling is not ideal for all individuals struggling with an addiction problem. Patients are individual people and traditional “one size fits all” approachers do not deal with the actual drivers of addiction and thus they do not treat all problems.

Organisations like Relapse Prevention are central key stones in managing a sustained rehabilitation however their reach is limited when it comes to the suffering community and intensive therapeutic work to break the addiction behaviours. The residential Rietspruit treatment clinic provides secure & safe residence in an upmarket halfway-house with full time counsellors that cater directly to individual therapy of drug & alcohol related dependence disorders. Rietspruit maintains highly competitive rates as a private treatment centre, and has one of the best after-care programmes in the in the addiction recovery industry.