South Africa is privileged in the amount of treatment models it has for drug rehab centres. Patients who need rehab will find that when they are looking for the right place for treatment, they are truly spoilt for choice.

Many of the models are run based on a singular principle. In some rehabs, this principle is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which means that there is a large focus on changing the behaviour that causes addiction. Some will run based on a religious model which means that prayer and regular spiritual therapy are a given. There are others too that focus on the spiritual and that allow those who are battling addiction to indulge in meditation and other spiritual practices that allow them to heal through the improvement of their souls.

Finding the right treatment model to suit your needs may not be easy, which is why it makes sense to discuss those needs with the individuals who run the drug rehab centres. That will assist in determining whether they have the expertise and the facilities to cater to your needs.

Of course, when someone is suffering from addiction, the most important thing they can do is check into rehab, but if the treatment is at odds with your beliefs, you may find that it is not as effective as you hope. A person who is not religious may find it difficult to adapt to a rehab centre that is based on healing in a spiritual way, while someone who believes in the power of prayer will find it difficult to heal in a place that does not allow religious talk or prayer.

For those who are struggling with addiction, finding a centre that is neutral in its treatment model will allow for healing that is not based on a religious or spiritual belief, but on the individual themselves. This is why it is so important to determine whether the fit between addict and rehab is correct and whether this can become a long term relationship. If they find the right place with the right fit, they will heal that much faster.