Alcohol abuse is one of today’s greatest social problems. A conservative estimate is that 140,000 people are dependent on alcohol in this country, and over 800,000 have alcohol drinking, ie drinking over National Health recommendation of a maximum of consumption.

With the easy access we have to alcohol, it’s easy to get to drink too much, and even end up being dependent on alcohol.

There is no clear threshold beyond which the consumption of alcohol has changed to become an abuse. Health Protection Agency recommends, however, that women drink no more than 14 and men more than 21 drinks per week. Does one stay below these limits is alcohol no health risk.

Is alcohol consumption increased, one should keep a close eye on it and try to cut it down?

How do I find help?

Are you beginning to wonder if you wonder drink too much, try to write down day by day, how many articles you drink. Do you drink more than the Board of Health recommendations, and you think that it is difficult to cut, then there are several places you can go for advice and guidance.

  • In South Africa, found in most major cities a publicly funded alcohol treatment or alcohol counselling, where anyone can approach. You can go completely anonymous and need not be registered. These outpatient alcohol treatment places has assigned specially trained personnel who can assist you.
  • Look at your and find the phone number or address. Ask yourself if you want help to assess your alcohol consumption, help to cut down or will in the actual treatment for addiction. Ask yourself also if you just want to hear about what is of possibilities. It may also be one of your closest who drink too much and you are worried about.
  • If you’re in a period have drunk so much that you can not sober up again without getting withdrawal symptoms, they may be publicly-run alcohol treatment sites helping you to become sober. Before you go, it’s good idea to staircase your alcohol consumption as much down as you can.
  • You can also contact your doctor, who will also support and guide you if you think you have lost control over your alcohol consumption. Some doctors offer proper treatment, others will help you find places you can get help. The doctor can also help you treat withdrawal symptoms.

Private organizations?
In South Africa we have also private organizations that can help if you have ended up in alcohol abuse. These organizations are often former alcoholics, as from their own experiences trying to help others away from alcohol abuse. Partly directly to the person asking for help, but also through outreach work.

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the world’s largest association of self-help groups for alcohol abuse.
  • The meetings of these groups is complete without interference by public agencies, doctors, psychologists or other real professionals.
  • Attendance is of course voluntary. All that is required is an honest desire to stop drinking.
  • There are no membership fees.
  • You’ll meet people who have been through the same hardships as you know yourself.

What is a Sober Living Home?

In South Africa we have special treatment centers that receive alcohol abusers to treatment and rehabilitation. This is your community, you must apply for a treatment stay if you feel you need it.

For most it will not be necessary for a day stay at a treatment home for his drinking problem solved. Most likely to get good help from outpatient treatment, ie treatment where one is not hospitalized, but go home again when the current Programme is over.

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FAQ’s on Alcoholism and Treatment