Budget friendly, supportive, warm home away from home facility in Copperleaf Estate. This sober living house is not a rehab or a addiction treatment centre however is a safe and ordered living surrounding in Copperleaf Estate which serves as a bridging facility in between active treatment and facing sober living again.

Sober Living Home in Copperleaf Estate

Why not give yourself the best opportunity to reboot your life?

Discover new freedom from addiction in South Africa’s best sober homes and recovery centres. Live your life again on your terms but now with support that our teams provide each step of the way.

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Copperleaf Estate Sober Living Home
Sober home in Copperleaf Estate coming soon please follow the link to add your sober property here.
Sober living home in Copperleaf Estate coming soon simply follow the link to include your sober home here.
Our viewpoint is that we supply a support group that enables our customers to gain exposure the real world then return to the comfort and safety of a sober surrounding to deal with their external experiences and real time obstacles.
These restorative sober living residences patrons use a safe and trigger free setting for their patients long-term restitution.
For a large number of sober living households there is a minimum stay of 90 days but many people stay between 6 & 9 months, sometimes longer.

We work to understand your preferences, beliefs and life backgrounds so that we can customise your therapy plan to your needs within the circumstance of your way of life.

Sober Home Admissions in Copperleaf Estate
Our recovery advisers will resolve all your questions concerning the admissions procedure as well as help you identify which mental health &/or drug rehabilitation solution is most ideal for you. These sober living homes in Copperleaf Estate are closely vetted and have shown as being suitably run operations for the long-term recovery of patients inside of their service.
Copperleaf Estate House Rules
Residents of a sober living home are required to honour & adhere to all of the house guidelines, which are in place to maintain all occupants and people. Each home is separately managed and the policies vary from house to house. Don’t forget to check out the rules and duties of the occupants before registering in any home. A checklist of regulations is supplied upon admission into the home, and residents are required to sign a agreement declaring that they will follow all the house rules. See core list of house rules here.

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