Halfway homes in Brackendowns offer a favourable retreat for individuals who wish to live in a safe, comfy, recovering, supporting & sober surrounding. Tenants are typically required to take infrequent drug tests, enter into group and house meetings, and demonstrate that they are taking the steps required to accomplish long-term sobriety.

Sober Living Home in Brackendowns

Why not give yourself the best opportunity to reboot your life?

Discover new freedom from addiction in South Africa’s best sober homes and recovery centres. Live your life again on your terms but now with support that our teams provide each step of the way.

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Brackendowns Sober Living Home
Sober living home in Brackendowns coming soon simply register to include your sober living home here.
Sober home in Brackendowns coming soon please register to include your sober living home here.
Sober houses extend the residential treatment of people still needing the support after primary care programme while still having the security of normal neighbourhood living and assistance or coaching where necessary.
Our sites only recommend sober houses in Brackendowns that offers visitors a stress-free atmosphere for self-exploration along with the own personal development of partnerships that enhance future healing.
For most sober households there is a minimum stay of 90 days but lots of individuals stay between three & nine months, sometimes longer.

Our experts provide a accepting, home-like atmosphere where hidden issues that increase destructive behaviours are dealt with and treatment is adapted to your specific requirements.

Sober Home Admissions in Brackendowns
With just one telephone call, you take a step closer to a better way of living. Our sober homes in Brackendowns are diligently reviewed and have demonstrated as being properly maintained operations intended for the permanent recovery of patrons within their services.
Brackendowns House Rules
Tenants of a sober living house are requested to respect & adhere to every one of the home rules, which remain in place to sustain all inhabitants and visitors. Every home is separately owned & the rules vary from home to home. Don’t forget to look at the rules and responsibilities of the sober home prior to enrolling in any halfway house. A checklist of rules is given upon admission into the residence, and individuals are obligated to sign a contract stating in which they will abide by every one of the house rules. Please see core listing of house rules here.

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