There are many people who are able to use drugs and alcohol recreationally without ever creating a dependency on these drugs. It is sad however that many more people are not able to control their intake of these substances and quickly become dependent on them. The truth of the matter is that these people are unable to handle the impact of these substances on their lives and as they become even more dependent on the drugs and alcohol, they will soon start to suffer in other areas of their lives.

Drug addicts and alcoholics often face work problems and problems with their family and friend relationships. This adds a lot more pressure on them and can lead to further stress and more abuse of the substances in question. There is not a lot known about the proneness certain people have towards substance abuse. The problem is that is scientists know there is a genetic predisposition in drug abusers, but they are unable as of yet to pinpoint these exact genes.

What we do know is that addiction IS a disease. It is a treatable disease too. One that can be maintained with the correct treatment, the correct support and once the person has made up his or her mind to stay clean.

One thing that has been proven is the fact that people who have alcoholic parents or drug abusing parents are disposed to the same problems. Learning more about the nature of drug abuse and how it can develop can help you to avoid the pitfalls that these addictions can throw into your life. Drug recovery and addiction recovery is certainly not an easy task. You will need the support of your family and loved ones to help you through this if you are to truly kick this habit.

There are many people who are able to successfully kick their harmful and destructive addictions. If you are looking for drug addiction recovery help and need help to kick these bad habits then you can contact any of the many drug recovery centres in Johannesburg. There are usually counsellors available that are recovering addicts themselves and will be able to relate to you and understand where exactly you have come from and where you are going. Recovering addicts are supportive to those looking for recovery, this is an important part of the healing process. Get the help you need in order to stay clean.