Alcohol Rehabilitation in JohanessburgGoing into rehab can feel very embarrassing. It can make you feel like a failure, like you have let alcohol take over your life and there is something wrong with you. This is not the case at all. In fact, going into rehab is the first step in admitting that something is wrong and that you are strong enough to withstand the process of healing yourself.

Becoming an alcoholic does not happen overnight. It is a bad habit that takes years to develop and once it has, is very difficult to get rid of. Similarly, going into rehab means that you cannot heal overnight. This is also a process and once that can take a long time. How long? Well, it all depends on the person, who they are and how much effort they put into their own healing.

The first step in alcohol rehab is going through the detox process in which you cannot have any alcohol at all. The body, having become so used to a steady stream of liquor may balk at the idea of not having any anymore. That is why this process is a difficult one and can take a lot of time to go through. It is a process that is often associated with pain, with sweats and fevers and even with hallucinations, but without it, the healing cannot begin.

Once you have gone through the rehab process, you will find that there also needs to be some deep exploration into your psyche. This is done to try and help you understand why you became an alcoholic in the first place and to rid you of the possibility of continuing in this manner. This therapy is probably the hardest part of being in rehab because more than physical pain, it forces you to face emotional pain that you may want to keep hidden, and that may bring up feelings of embarrassment and guilt.

Once you have dealt with these feelings and have kicked alcohol out of life for good, your chance to live a good and healthy life, one that is worthy, is much higher.