This isn’t as simple as just asking ‘how’ and getting an immediate answer that comes with immediate effect.

Alcoholism is a complicated disease and for one suffering with this disease, it will take courage and lifelong commitment to live a clean and sober life, a life that will come with new found serenity and new found self worth. But it takes courage to reach that point of acceptance and serenity. It all starts with asking for help.

Asking for help, possibly the hardest thing that us humans can do and possibly the bravest, no one likes to admit that they need help and sometimes, if an alcoholic cannot ask for it (be it because of severe denial or simply because of their pride) an intervention can take place with family member and a professional where the person is forced to see that they in fact, need help.

Once the idea of getting help has sunk in, there are many ways of going about getting it.

The best possible way is to of course, go into a rehabilitation centre. (What are a few weeks of your life in a treatment facility as opposed to giving up your entire life, family and dreams just for the bottle?) If a rehabilitation centre is not an option for you than get yourself to daily Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in your area.

AA is a fellowship or support group for those who suffer from alcoholism. This is a place to gain support, be inspired to live a clean life and offers you a 12 step program that can help keep you on the path of recovery and sobriety.

Contact Relapse Prevention for both help and support.

A counsellor or therapist can also be used for guidance and gives you a safe place to talk about your past, your disease and your cravings. Sharing your fears with others will help you prolong your recovery and help in keeping you clean.

It all starts with getting help.

Once you have had the courage to do what is needed to put you back onto the path of ‘living’ it is up to you to do whatever is needed to stay clean and serene.

There is help out there for you and you are never alone with your disease. Never.

Overcoming alcoholism won’t be easy, but it is not in the least bit impossible. In fact, there are millions of recovering alcoholics in the world today, all a testament that a life without alcohol addiction is possible. It will be the hardest battle you’ve ever fought in your life, but it will be the most rewarding, too.

You will gain your life back, your loved ones, your friends, family, dignity and life. It won’t be easy, but you will be able to do it with the right support and the correct help with rehabilitation. In order for you to enjoy a life without alcohol addiction, you need to complete the recovery steps.

In South Africa in particular, there are many rehabilitation centres that specialise in providing alcohol addiction treatment. You can enjoy the support that professional addiction specialists can provide you. If you are looking for a way to get back control of your life, there are ways.

In order for you to benefit from the help that is available, you will need to commit to your sobriety and make a decision to fight for it every day. It is just what is necessary for you to do this. You can help yourself to get your body back to a healthy place, prevent it from suffering from the effects of alcohol abuse and start rebuilding your life.

Oftentimes the cost of treatment will be left to the family of the alcoholic, putting further stress and strain on the family and the family relationships. This is why it is important that the family will also take an active part and play an active role in the treatment of the alcoholic and his or her recovery.

Enjoy the many benefits that a life free of alcohol addiction can pose to you. See the comprehensive article to alcohol addiction here.


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